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Fast Weed Spot. is a medical marijuana dispensary operating in full compliance with the law. We strive to provide a personal, knowledgeable and caring experience for all patients across the state, aiming to be a leader within the rapidly changing medical cannabis industry. Our goal is to create and maintain a safe, warm experience for every patient, and in order to do that, we knew it was necessary to open locations in several communities. With our online dispensaries, we are able to provide that unrivaled experience to more individuals, presenting them with a unique, safe way to manage health and wellness. We take our role within the medical market seriously. Our staff will not push unnecessary products on you just to make a sale. We work to pair the right product to every individual to ensure it’s a product that will actually work for its intended purpose. We are committed to providing every customer who visits our online marijuana dispensaries with quality products and education surrounding medicinal cannabis use. We want your experience at our medical marijuana dispensary to be a positive one.


The products sold in our stores have been thoroughly vetted to ensure you receive a safe, consistent product every time. If you purchase medical marijuana from our store, you won’t be playing a guessing game — the products we sell do what they say they’re going to do. When you visit our store, you won’t feel pushed into a particular product. Instead, our experienced, knowledgeable staff will pair you with the right product for your lifestyle and medical needs, giving you the results you need. We take the time to educate you about medical marijuana so you truly understand the options you have available and feel confident in the decision you make for your medical needs.


Fast Weed Spot store was founded with the vision to de-stigmatize cannabis by offering an accessible and welcoming shopping environment because a world where cannabis is legal and regulated is safer, healthier and happier. Our mission is to provide high-quality products to all, with education, curation and transparency. As the premium cannabis retailer of the United States, we have been leading with new developments for over a decade. Our team of product experts offer an unparalleled shopping experience at all of our 40+ stores across 50 states

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